Born in Bikaner on 21.4.1942 Panne Kunwar started painting twenty years back. She does not have any formal training in art. She learnt to paint herself - She is self-taught. Basically being a housewife, during her leisure she has opted to paint.

Her theme is Folk-Art and hence her works represent mostly the folk style. It is quite typical of her that she has used oil as her medium. Her paintings are an exquisite example of her hard work.

Her selection and treatment of colours - Red - Yellow - Blue & Green is superb. The subjects are very simple and include Indian God and Goddesses like Durga , Kali , Shiva etc. She has also painted Krishna and Radha alongwith some lady figures.

Her works are a real piece of Meenakari and picture space is full of colour - dots, lines and Motifs. It is not easy to paint so minutely in oil but she has taken the risk and accomplished it faithfully.

Her art is simple - colours are bright and attractive - the theme remains typical Indian Folk. Her paintings were exhibited in the following art galleries :

1.  Sardul Art Gallery-Bikaner 1984 2. Academy of Fine Arts - Calcutta 1987
3. Sanskriti Art Gallery - Calcutta 1991 4. Stuttgart, Germany-1996